Fruition App now in iTunes

Last year in May i was wireframing Fruition iPhone application.
Later, Eva put some of her magic in the design. Sarat defied the rules of the SDK and made all the functionalities possible on the little
device. Alecs, Yoni and Sudhanshu did their best to have the web interface work smoothly with the server and have the winery owners get their real time data wherever they are.
Now iTunes hosts it

Thank you Sebastien & Thibaut for your help and patience. Big thanks to the team!


The Big Bing

Microsoft comes with the big bing (or “disease” in chinese as Techcrunch relates)

“The world doesn’t need another search engine, it needs a better decision engine” (just too funny not to reproduce)


Balsamiq Mockups makes wireframing fun

When it comes to arhitecture there are some tools out there but I was never happy with any of them.

Visio makes the mockups look ancient

Omnigraffle has came out of that business in their latest version (have no idea where they hidden the software UI library)

Axure doesn’t justify the price. The wireframes don’t end up looking far from Visio’s end result

Gliffy is buggy buggy

Now whenever I hear about a new tool I go ahead and try it. I want to see if I’m missing a better alternative to the Fireworks that gives me a hard time. Not because it’s hard to use but because it’s hard not to design when you’re in the process and you have so many tools under your hands

That’s how I came to Balsamiq Mock-ups. I played with the online version but it was hard to get a gut feeling for it. I couldn’t really play with the interfaces I wanted to design since I couldn’t save it afterwards. But it looked like fun


Crowdsourced Usability Testing - Drupal 7 - Round 1

I’m very appreciative of any initiative around making the open source platforms easier to use.
I’ve been playing with Gimp, Sugar CRM, Joomla, Drupal intensively and even though I consider myself a geek, these platforms give me a hard time

As if someone presents me a beautiful building, ties me and covers my eyes to discover what’s inside. It’s so dark and confusing! And I get the same frustration from anyone who tries open source for the first time. Developers, clients, project managers. All have the same first time impression, but they all appreciate the power they have over their system in about two months on average

Even the most simple operations seem a burden, and you just prefer to stay away and have someone else take care of it


4 Ways to Improve Page Views - Intriguing branches

People are curious and it’s a fact. Web browsing would have never become so popular if it wasn’t for the natural curiosity and willingness to follow links into the unknown. If we know how to make use of this “intriguing branches” we can direct our users into a more fun and interesting interface

Here are some ways I tested successfully:

1.Friends Feeds on Social Networks

One of the reasons I visit Facebook so often is because I can’t wait to see the latest events around my circle of friends. And they do profit as much as they can from this natural tendency. Now social networks and websites copy this type of “friends feeds” on user pages to increase their page visits. And it works


Happy Again

“GORGEOUS… AMAZING… FANTASTIC… I MEAN… as we Panamanian say… AYALA VIDA..!!!!!!!”
It just brightens my day to receive emails like this one


M&M - Join the Hunt - Mission Impossible

M&M is always well prepared for kids events. But for this year’s easter the 6 digits project seems to be a failure

It’s called Join the Hunt and the target seems pretty obvious - kids in love with the little colorful chocolate pills

I bet by the traffic and the experience I had entering the site, that their money were wasted.


Austin City Council is redesigning the website - for 705K

 At least that’s what the Austin Business Journal says.Why didn’t they call me? I could easily do it for half the price
And bake their potatoes, cook their dinner, wash their laundry for a month for this price
If you hear or see people in the same situation as the City Council have them call me please


First User Experience Social Network - My Own :-)

I’ve heard about ning a while ago but today I decided to give it a quick try (I was curious about the UI of the back-end process) The result: I created the first User Experience social network. Resources, events, chat, forum, images, videos. We have it all. And I did everything in less than 10 minutes. Please check it out:


Design Awards Gallery showcased

It’s an airplane! No. It’s a bird! It’s, i’m sure about it. The “half the price” is as visible as it gets. And its featured under the best showcases website designs.

I’m so proud of my baby!


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